Books on the Move goes towards its audience rather than the other way round, with the wish to make this literature, lacking visibility, accessible.
All year around, we take the road, invited by theaters, festivals, museums, artistic venues, both in France and in Europe.

For every trip, the books’ selection is customised according to the event’s program.
The bookstore’s corner gets re-invented for each venue; during an evening or a festival it becomes a meeting and exchange place for the audience and artists.

Our bookstore wouldn’t be able to accept all the invitations without the incredible help of our volunteers who come along on evenings in the Bordeaux area but also on big events around France.

Invitation, guideline : pdf.

Long-time partners : les Brigittines, Bruxelles; le Centre national de la Danse, Pantin; festival Dañsfabrik, Brest; Espaces pluriels, Pau; Glob Théâtre, Bordeaux; les Hivernales, Avignon; La Manufacture CDCN, Bordeaux; Notafe, Viljandi, Estonie; festival Trente Trente, Bordeaux…


For each invitation, together we can create custom-made events, which we call « expanded BOM»: reading-naptime, Moving the reading, books exhibit, encounters…

for more information : All around, and pdf.


Books on the Move has a unique catalogue of more than 1 000 titles dedicated to contemporary dance, movement, performance and somatic practices.

Patiently built over the years and during our many travels, it highlights diversity: one can find monographies, history books, artists’ writings, self-published pearls, cartoons, academic researches, but also philosophy, cinema, poetry…

International since its beginnings in Berlin, Books on the Move offers a multilingual selection, with a predominance in English and French titles.

Beside our travels, our online store is a genuine gateway to our readers from all over the world, with deliveries in more than 20 different countries.


Our office, between the train station and the Capucins’ market, is open to the public by appointment.
The whole catalogue is available on site.
Our office is also a place for regular public gatherings for dancers, authors, publishers…

New since 2020, we’ve set up a base in Berlin again, where the project started off in 2008.
With a small selection of books, our volunteer Laura Gary, can settle in dance venues of the German capital. Dear Berlin friends, don’t hesitate to get in touch with her.