Encounter #13 Véronique Lamare & Laurence Leyrolles

Friday October 15 – 7p.m. (in French)
Véronique Lamare & Laurence Leyrolles
At the crossroad of different practices

with Véronique Lamare, visual artist, and Laurence Leyrolles, dancer & performer

The visual artist Véronique Lamare, and dancer, performer Laurence Leyrolles, have been for a longtime mixing in their practices, movement, visual arts, text and images. One is from Bordeaux, the other lives near Rodez. They don’t know each other. Books on the Move brings them together for an unprecedented encounter where each of them will present where they are at in their work in the form of a performance, installation and experiences sharing.  

At Books on the Move, 43 rue des Douves, Bordeaux – red door
please reserve or 06 84 89 73 82