thank youuuu

LOOKING BACK at our two-day event (June 14 & 15, 2024) at the Hôtel de Ragueneau, Bordeaux, to celebrate Books on the Move’s 16th anniversary.

THANK YOU to the photographers who sent us their souvenir photos – Rafael Bord, Monique Chiron, Florence Corin, Emmanuelle Dubois, Karine Durdux, Emilie Gallier, Véronique Lamare, Marie Paule Leurs, Bernadette Loupias & Peter Pleyer.


With the exception of the feel like Fall weather, our celebration was exactly as we’d dreamed it would be, a warm and joyful occasion for encounters and exchanges on the subject of artists’ books, bringing together artists and people we’ve met over the sixteen years of our existence.

There were workshops, discussions, nap-times, a continuous reading, archival dives, book gleanings, performances, screenings, living books, a carpet of zines, German beers, cut-up beetroots, delicious sandwiches, speeches at the top of a ladder, group readings, reunions and beautiful new encounters.

THANK YOU to the guest artists, all committed to books and dance, all eager to share all kinds of ideas – Katerina Andreou, Bryan Campbell, Barbara Coffy, Volmir Cordeiro, Mette Edvardsen, Émilie Gallier, Julie Perrin, Léa Poiré, Peter Pleyer & Énora Rivière.

THANK YOU to all our incredible volunteers, without whom this celebration would not have been possible – Sandrine Barrasso, Léa Bonnaud, Rafael Bord, Karine Durdux, Monique Chiron, Jeanne Dantin, Maria Dantin, Emmanuelle Dubois, Nathalie Ferrier, Diane Grabeloteau, Maëlle Grand, Johann Hiriart, Émilie Houdent, Françoise Jacques, Véronique Lamare, Séverine Lefèvre, Marie-Paule Leurs, Bernadette Loupias, Maud Pujol-Dorey & Alexandra Quien.

THANK YOU to everyone who has made available a bed, a room, an apartment, a house… Pierre Bord and Colette Sardet, Sylvie Bordenave, Monique Chiron, Françoise Jacques & Stéphanie Lecoq.

THANK YOU to the service providers who took such good care of us – Bouchra (Zanqa 8), Maxime Couturier, La Cave d’Antoine, La Papet’, Laura Vasseur (Raga Food).

THANK YOU so much for the loan of equipment – Françoise Begey, Compagnie Les Marches de l’été, Sylvain Giquel (l’échoppe de Pantanassa), La Manufacture CDCN, L’association ASTI Bordeaux, Noémie Escortell & Jojo Gallardo & Any Roulet.

THANK YOU to the close-knit and committed Books on the Move team – Carole Rambaud, Sandrine Barrasso & Marie-Paule Leurs.

THANK YOU to our partners – French Ministry of Culture (DGCA & DRAC), city of Bordeaux (Quartier Bordeaux centre & l’hôtel de Ragueneau) & le Department of Gironde.

Thank youuuu… to all, friends, visitors…