A Field Guide to iLANDing – scores for researching urban ecologies

AUTHOR: edited by iLAND
PUBLISHER: 53rd State Press (2017)

PAPERBACK: 170 pages
ISBN13: 978-0-9978664-1-4

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In stock



Each score in the Field Guide was originally developed and used in the context of one of iLAND’s programs, and written by the primary collaborators. Relocated here, the scores are an invitation to explore, revisit, rework, redefine and expand on the collaborative approaches and knowledge created by the diverse range of artists and scientists, working together across practices.
— Jennifer Monson


Since 2006, iLAND has brought together groups of dancers, scientists and artists to collaboratively explore urban ecology. Their hybrid methodologies form the basis of iLANDing, an approach to research that engages a site’s many forms of life and interaction. The scores collected in A Field Guide to iLANDing are both records of past interdisciplinary practice and open questions, offerings to the reader. Elemental and poetic, they draw practitioners into new ways of being. Grounded in movement, this book is for anyone wishing to experience the incursion and interweaving of natures in a city, or to decenter anthropocentric habits of perception and navigation.