Biographical Landscapes of New Zagreb

Author: Claudia Bosse
Publisher: Motto Books (2014)

Softcover: 94 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-2-940524-25-9

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New Zagreb. the museum of contemporary art (MSU), its space, collection and environment, and the unique concept of its urbanism were the starting points of the artistic research project called biographical landscapes of New Zagreb by Claudia Bosse, and was conceived through field research, including the analysis of actual experiences of urbanism in New Zagreb based on the memories and lifestyles of its inhabitants.

Invited by EUROKAZ and MSU to develop a project for the museum and its surroundings, Claudia Bosse and Günther Auer collaborated on visiting living spaces (apartments) in different urban areas of New Zagreb in december 2011. in march 2012, they interviewed the inhabitants on issues such as democracy, capitalism and identity. these experiences resulted in the research project which became part of the museum’s live installation, and an arttransfer between the museum and private living spaces.

In may 2012, Claudia Bosse developed choreographies with ten people living in New Zagreb: daily routines enacted on the floor plans of their actual apartments. by repeating the motions of daily activities and well trodden trajectories across the apartment, the dwelling space was ritually reconstructed. in July, inhabitants from different generations brought seven apartments, displayed in their original size, to life in the museum. the projections of their interviews and multiple private documents were exhibited. at the same time, art pieces selected by Claudia Bosse in collaboration with Tihomir Milovec were placed in the apartments of the participants: a transfer of contexts and connections, a re-reading of the art pieces and the particular living space. adjustment and collision. a recontextualisation of the artwork and the private spaces. the life of the inhabitants wanders as biographical archive across the bodies, actions and narrations into the museum.

In this publication, i want to share the research, including transcripts of the interviews and photographed details of the flats and their surroundings in New Zagreb, followed by views of the installation in the museum and biographical pictures of the participants. an interview done in the research phase with the architect Vinko Uhlik, who was a member of the architectural team that developed parts of New Zagreb, is published here as well. with this publication I try to give an insight into my artistic process. Claudia Bosse.

With Sovjetka Horvat and Petra Fabro, Svjetlana Lugar, Siniša Gogoski, Jadranka and Ivan Alic, Zrinka and Vladimir Tatomir, Franka Horvat and Aleksandar Kondic, and Tomislav Lukacic. artworks exposed in the privat spaces by Boris Bucan, Braco Dimitirjevic, Ivan Ladislav Galeta, Zeljko Jerman, Ivan Picelj, Ivan Posavec, Mladen Stilinovic and Mio Vesovic.