Body and Awareness

Author: Sandra Reeve
Publisher: Triarchy Press (2021)
Series: Ways of Being a Body

Paperback: 272 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-1-909470-16-3

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Shipped within 20 days



Our growing understanding of embodied awareness is one of the most extraordinary areas of contemporary research and practice. On one side (the left brain, as it were), neuroscience constantly sheds new light on subjects like embodied cognition, the distributed brain (brain-in-the-gut), left and right brain hemispheres (McGilchrist et al.) and the processing of sensory and emotional data. On the other side (the right hemisphere, as it were) our study and awareness of the experience of being in our bodies, moving, feeling pain, dreaming, meditating, becoming ill and healing, is becoming increasingly nuanced. Academic research is approaching the experience of consciousness and awareness ‘from the inside’ and making remarkable discoveries.

The field of embodied awareness is transdisciplinary and multi-faceted: it has no academic subject listing, but is of central importance to those seeking to understand art, dance, the psychology of health, trauma, learning & development, the psycho-ecology of extinction and climate change, proprioception and interoception, ecological awareness, meditation, and the need for societal transformation in an age of multiple convergent crises. Here 20 practitioners bring a wide range of perspectives to bear on the subject.

Contributors: Helen Edwards, Hilary Kneale, Paula Kramer, Becca Wood, Sarah Hyde, Anna Murray-Wishart, Alex Crowe, Olga Masleinnikova, Elaine Hendry Westwick, Margaret Kerr, Sandra Reeve, Jamila Rodrigues, Carran Waterfield, Laura Haughey, Sandra Lauffenburger, Sheila Ryan, Ditty Dokter, Céline Butté & Ali East.