Cassini & Other Minor Gods

Author: Noha Ramadan
Publisher: Publication Studio Rotterdam (2017)

Paperback: 24 pages
Language: English

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In stock



This books is part of the masters research project Paratactical, produced within the framework of DAS Choreography, Amsterdam 2017.

Paratactical is a collection of processes and figures which help articulate complex bodies and spatialities: plural, defocalised, augmented and mutable.

The Paratactical searches for the oblique. Suspicious of containment and coherence, it produces multidirectional environments and explores the potential for action and focus within them.

This project engages practices of touch, movement, and live image production as modes of thinking about orientations, proximity, and collective subjectivity. It develops choreographic scripts and writing which affirm holes, gaps, transformation (and the entrance of uncanny others).

The drawings in this book are movement practices. With eyes closed, the right hand oscillates a colored pencil for the duration of one song, while the left hand rotates the paper around the pencil.