Hidden Body – The World of Kazuo Ohno

Author: Edited by Yoshito Ohno
Publisher: CREO Corporation (2006)

Paperback: 131 pages, Monochrome photos
Language: Japanese/English
ISBN10: 4-87736-113-8

Title sold out

Title sold out



“Throughout his life, Kazuo Ohno has been captured on film by many photographers and what is produced is an image of his body but photographs cannot show what is hidden within the body. However, if Kazuo Ohno’s dance hides his body as well as his body hides the sorrow of life and death, and if his dance is the appearance of his soul, then what is portrayed might well be Kazuo Ohno’s soul itself.” (From the introduction by Yoshito Ohno).

Kazuo Ohno loved to be taken photographs. Once, in the rehearsal, he was so content and excited to dance thanks to the very existences of photographers taking him just below the stage. Next day of the performance, though, he was disappointed that it turned out that there were no photographers. This book includes Kazuo Ohno’s photos taken by 42 photographers, such as Eikoh Hosoe, Naoya Ikegami and Nobuyoshi Araki.