Movement Research – Stories and Journeys

Author: Ria Higler
Publisher: SNDO – School for New Dance Development (2015)

Paperback: 160 pages
Language: English

Title sold out

Title sold out



After decades of teaching, the SNDO asked Ria Higler to write about her work. The main subject of Ria’s teaching is movement research. She has developed her own method based on the knowledge of her studies in modern dance release/alignment-work, voice work, studies with the Indonesian movement meditation master Suprapto Suryodarma and chakra work in motion. Ria’s direct approach enables students to deepen the awareness of – and listening to – the body and to gain more understanding about physical, mental and emotional patterns, in order to become more free and broadminded in the creative process.

‘Movement Research – Stories and Journeys’ is a lovely book, full of information, and suggestions for the practice of embodiment in a profound way, which aims to be instrumental in the creative process and in the practice of performativity.

It comes in a handy small format, easy to carry with you.

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