Moving Between Worlds – A Guide to Embodied Living and Communicating

AUTHOR: Andrea Olsen
PUBLISHER: Wesleyan University Press (2022)

PAPERBACK: 272 pages
ISBN13: 978-0-8195-8089-4

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Title sold out



Daily explorations to enhance embodied communication

Communication is a fundamental human activity, and as much as 90% of all communication is non-verbal. Yet awareness of embodied intelligence in communication is rare. This book is the fourth in a series by interdisciplinary educator Andrea Olsen focused on embodiment. Through the exercises and readings in this book, we can deepen our relationship to ourselves and others and improve our communication skills, moving between worlds: inner and outer; self and other; self and Earth. Each of the thirty-one chapters combines factual information, personal anecdotes, and somatic excursions, inviting the reader to explore multiple learning styles and lenses for finding balance in a more-than-human world. This guidebook is a valuable resource for anyone seeking practical tools for living and communicating with more ease and clarity.