Moving Sites – Investigating Site-Specific Dance Performance

Author: Victoria Hunter
Publisher: Routledge (2015)

Paperback: 494 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978 0 415 71325 2

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In stock (can be backordered)



Moving Sites explores site-specific dance practice through a combination of analytical essays and practitioner accounts of their working processes. In offering this joint effort of theory and practice, it aims to provide dance academics, students and practitioners with a series of discussions that shed light both on approaches to making this type of dance practice, and evaluating and reflecting on it.
The edited volume combines critical thinking from a range of perspectives including commentary and observation from the fields of dance studies, human geography and spatial theory in order to present interdisciplinary discourse and a range of critical and practice-led lenses through which this type of work can be considered and explored. In so doing, this book addresses the following questions:
· How do choreographers make site-specific dance performance?
· What occurs when a moving body engages with site, place and environment?
· How might we interpret, analyse and evaluate this type of dance practice through a range of theoretical lenses?
· How can this type of practice inform wider discussions of embodiment, site, space, place and environment?
This innovative and exciting book seeks to move beyond description and discussion of site-specific dance as a spectacle or novelty and considers site-dance as a valid and vital form of contemporary dance practice that explores, reflects, disrupts, contests and develops understandings and practices of inhabiting and engaging with a range of sites and environments.