Perception Frames – choreographic scores for practice and performance

Author: Rosanna Irvine
Publisher: Middlesex University (2014)

Softcover: Spiral bound, 98 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978 1 85924 3343

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Title sold out



Perception Frames works with processes of giving attention and shifting attention in a present moment. It can be used as workbook, choreographic toolkit, teaching resource and as performance scores.

Developed through a concern with ‘non-representational’ thinking in choreographic practice, the scores aim to constrain modes of anticipation in thought and action and to generate an always-different choreographic producing.

The scores are: ‘Initial practices’ (a sequence of 5 preparations), ‘Practice frames’ (18 mini scores), “Availabilty’ and ‘Tendings’ (two extended scores).

The scores can be used as solo and group activities in dance/movement. Many of the scores can also be worked with in other media such as drawing, music/sound and writing.