The complete text would be insufferable – Language as prosthesis

AUTHOR: Chloe Chignell
PUBLISHER: a.pass (2020)

BOOKLET: 50 pages
ISBN13: 978 1 916 24993 6

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This text began as a way to list some of thoughts that took place within a choreography I made called Poems and Other Emergencies (2020). The or began as a way to rearticulate thoughts with the hope that through receptions and insistence I would come to know what they really mean. However the or was much more dynamic than I had anticipated and kept me turning around ideas, phrases and words. It became a syntax of multiplicity and being alongside. Thinking was not contained within the praise but turned itself out in the gaps. The or would not lead me toward an essential phrase; it would not leave me with words that would perfectly partner thoughts nor feelings. Rather, the or showed me the necessity of process, of seeing something in action and keeping it moving. Acknowledging that thinking is always relational. Through arranging words we give shape to all these little gaps, places to fall into where thinking can spread itself. The or in this text allowed me the receptions to find details and to feel them change.

This text begins with the image of an idea in ruin. A small field o assumptions disassembled. A question no longer in need of its mark. A thought not sure where it began. It starts from the body and language. The debris of these three words, crumbling already at and, did not break apart but congealed the separations once made. We start from a research (project) undone and just beginning.