The Pina Bausch Sourcebook – The Making of Tanztheater

Author: Royd Climenhaga
Publisher: Routledge (2012)

Softcover: 346 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-0-415-61802-1

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Pina Bausch’s work has had tremendous impact across the spectrum of late twentieth-century performance practice, helping to redefine the possibilities of what both dance and theater can be. This edited collection presents a compendium of source material and contextual essays that examine Pina Bausch’s history, practice and legacy, and the development of Tanztheater as a new form, with sections including:

* Dance and theatre roots and connections;

* Bausch’s developmental process;

* The creation of Tanztheater;

* Bausch’s reception;

* Critical perspectives.

Interviews, reviews and major essays chart the evolution of Bausch’s pioneering approach and explore this evocative new mode of performance. Edited by noted Bausch scholar, Royd Climenhaga, The Pina Bausch Sourcebook aims to open up Bausch’s performative world for students, scholars, dance and theatre artists and audiences everywhere.

Contributors: Isa Partsch-Bergsohn, Hedwig Müller, Susan Allene Manning, Barbara Confino, Eva van Schaik, Judith Mackrell, Raimund Hoghe, Renate Klett, Anne Cattaneo, Glenn Loney, Christopher Bowen, Faynia Williams, Royd Climenhaga, Rita Felciano, Richard Sikes, Deborah Jowitt, Inge Baxmann, Anita Finkel, Nadine Meisner, Hörst Koegler, Amanda Smith, Arlene Croce, Judith Cruikshank, Leonetta Bentivoglio, Anna Kisselgoff, Chris de Marigny, Joan Ross Acocella, Valerie Lawson, John O’Mahony, Zoë Anderson, Ismene Brown, Luke Jennings, Ann Daly, Marianne Goldberg, Marianne van Kerkhoven, Kay Kirchman, Susan Kozel, Norbert Servos.