what remains and is to come – a document

Authors: Katrina Brown, Rosanna Irvine
Publisher: Middlesex University (2014)

Softcover: 70 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978 1 85924 3329

Title sold out

Title sold out



This is an artist book and document of the live performance work with texts by Ramsay Burt, Ivana Ivkovi? and Mark Leahy. Photographic images, video stills, performance scores and the texts operate together to bring another experience of the work.
In what remains and is to come Brown and Irvine work with charcoal, paper, body and breath treating each material as equal in the process. The performance is an activation of material processes – a generating and erasing of large-scale prints – bodies moving through paper and charcoal – charcoal clinging to bodies.

what remains and is to come

is gorgeous

its essays, its scores, the pictures, the layout and the look and feel of the whole object…I am in the moment drawn to its covering, its spine where only the title is shown. I am holding it turning it around. It is like touching a skin I pass my fingers over it and imagine feeling ridges and folds.

Outside and then Inside this DOCUMENT is everything I need for my imagination to encounter this event as it was/is/will be. Those many moments (all of that labour including the production of this book) rush up into the present to greet me. Scott deLahunta