Writing residency – Volmir Cordeiro

From July 8 to 19 & September 9 to 20
Villa Valmont – Lormont near Bordeaux
Writing residency –  Volmir Cordeiro

Books on the Move has a long-standing commitment to authors, publishers and artists, and is now launching its very first writing residency for a choreographic artist. 
In July and September 2024, choreographer Volmir Cordeiro will be hosted at Villa Valmont, in Lormont near Bordeaux, to work on his new text, Poème de rue.

Within this set up, Books on the Move is organizing two events in July.
Free of charge and open to all!

Thursday July 11 at 6:30p.m.  – Bègles’ library
, near Bordeaux
ENCOUNTER with Volmir Cordeiro – Performance reading
From Brecht to Rue, from dance to reading

During his writing residency at Villa Valmont, choreographer Volmir Cordeiro is working on Poème de Rue, a written extension of his performance Rue. His intention is to share the back-and-forth between Bertold Brecht’s ABC of War, the dreaded source for his duet, and his text in progress, which combines photo-image and poem-score to lay out a piece that can also make one dance through the power of words. In a back-and-forth between dance and reading, Volmir Cordeiro wishes to occupy the library in such a way as to embody his words through voice and body.

Thursday July 18 at 8p.m. – Villa Valmont, Lormont near Bordeaux, as part of Été métropolitain
RUE Volmir Cordeiro & Washington Timbó
Performance (45 min) + talk with the artists after the performance

A man with a tall body and a brightly-colored, homemade suit extends out his limbs, striking and shouting poems. In the distance, another pounds a percussion beat. Volmir Cordeiro embodies the multiple bodies and faces of the fringe, and all the attitudes and provocations that a street can contain.
Wandering, frantic, agitated or hilarious, he throws himself to the ground, whirls around, circulates among the audience, playing with them as much as with the space he intensifies with his characaters. The powerful stokes of Washington Timbó’s drum summon the ghosts’ spirits and make other invisible passers-by appear. Conceived as a choreographic response to Bertolt Brecht’s war poems, the performance Rue is a cry as much as a pact with others, a dance-refuge and a meandering.

We’ll keep you inform soon about the September events (encounters, performances, workshops).

The writing residency for a choreographic artist is a project conceived by Books on the Move, in collaboration with Villa Valmont, as part of the DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s call for writers’ residencies.
The Rue performance by Volmir Cordeiro and Washington Timbó is organized by Bordeaux Métropole as part of the Été métropolitain 2024, in close collaboration with its partners.