a Dance Mag – Furor

a Dance Mag – Furor


Editors: Jana Al-Obeidyine, Zena Takieddine, Sara Azzarelli
Publisher: Crayolab, Beirut (2019)
Paperback: 102 pages
Language: English
ISSN: 2617-0183

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A Dance Mag is the Beirut-based global dance magazine that transcends differences, distances, and disciplines to tell the stories of people from all over the world, who are dancing their lives and giving their bodies a voice.

Themed Furor, Issue 02 tells the stories of people brave enough not to shy away from their inner fears, frustrations and anger, but confront, own and channel them into creative forces and constructive actions in the world. The Furor issue is a testimony to the power of dance to mold and to create.


Purity Through Pain, by Pascha Jirasakwittaya

Bless Me Mother with Your Rage, by Stella Penzo

The Dance of Another: Dancing into Oblivion in Suspiria, by Danica van de Velde

Sweat, by Caterina Riva

Skeptical Gaze, by Lucy Corkish

Unleashing Mr. Punch, by Lorraine Smith

Re-Pairing, by Zéna M. Meskaoui

Headbanging, by Carmina Khairallah

La Cabeza Alta!, by Christiane Waked

Samt, by Zena Takieddine

The Generative Fire, by Sara Azzarelli

Negative Spaces, by Mays Al-Beik

Drops, by Thalal Khoury

Body, by Zeina Hashem Beck

The Unarmed Witness, by Zena Takieddine

From Nakba to Dabka, by Anas Abou Aoun

Ecstasy and Agony Under the Waving Flags, by Filip Petkovski

And then there was Red, by a Dance Mag Team

Waro, the Bastard Hero, by Jana Al Obeidyne

On Revolution and the Joyful Restoration of Freedom, by Marwan Abi Samra



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