A Hand’s Turn

A Hand’s Turn


Author: Lenio Kaklea
Publisher: Big black mountain the darkness never ever comes (2017)

Paperback: 208 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-618-83082-1-3

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A Hand’s Turn is a publication of Lenio Kaklea, accompanying her performance A Hand’s Turn.

In this book the choreographer investigates functional, political, and symbolic dimensions of the left-right division, examining the tension between face and mask, body and face.

Our gestures might carry stories of which we are unconscious. In the so-called primitive societies, one could not have a face if one did not wear a mask. In contemporary Western democracies, the opposite holds true: Individuals can experience identity only by maintaining an uncovered face. If the quest for transparency has become the core of our liberal democracies and a trivial tool of state control, how do our bodies remain opaque and mysterious, after all? — Lenio Kaklea

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