Agar Agar. The Jelli Magazine

Agar Agar. The Jelli Magazine


Author:Lucie Schroeder
Publisher: Lucie Schroeder (2018)

Softcover: 30 pages
Language: English & German


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Made of formed as well as movable matter, jelli symbolizes the joyful instability of what is here, of what is real. Whoever decides between realities and fictions has the power of interpretation – ideally all of us.

The publication consists of four texts by Lucie Schroeder and features a jelli poster by Ines Könitz.
You will find
* a non-linear travelogue that evolved while assisting the rehearsals of João Fiadeiros piece « O que fazer daqui para trás »
* a fictitious monologue of the audience during the sensorial performance « In Many Hands » by Kate McIntosh
* a short story on transgenerational inheritance
* a « Face Mapping » oracle.
The different qualities of paper give text and photography a characteristic haptic, while the graphics of Lisa Baumgarten compound all elements to form a complete work.

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