Contact Quarterly/Volume 43 #1

Contact Quarterly/Volume 43 #1


Publisher: Contact Editions (2018)
Paperback: 78 pages
Language: English
ISBN10: 744-709-531-2

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3 – Editor Notes – « Causing it only a little », by Nancy Stark Smith.

4 – Letters to CQ.

5 – Editor Notes – Returning, by Lailye Weidman.

5 – Tattered Palimpsest (poem), by Efadul Huq.

8 – Shelf Life — publications received.

9 – Transitions – Trisha Brown: At the Trisha Brown Memorial by Vicky Shick, Carolyn Lucas, and Diane Madden.

10 – Falling and Flying with Trisha, by Eva Karczag.

10 – Country Dance – a 1971 review by Deborah Jowitt.

12 – Remembering Robert Davidson, by Frank Dauer, Amy Kaplan, Jim Knapp, Theresa Moriarty, and Kris Wheeler.

13 – Diane Torr, a Remembrance, by Paul Langland.

14 – a proposal: epilogue 1034, ep. #62 (poem), by lily bo shapiro.

14 – Moving Forward, Looking Back, Phoebe Ballard.

15 – Untitled Grief – (this is not a memorial for Diane Torr), by Doran George.

19 – Real-Time Authorship, Experiencing Is the Work, by Chrysa Parkinson and Romain Bigé.

24 – Sara Shelton Mann: In the Presence of Action, by Anya Cloud, Karen Schaffman, and Sara Shelton Mann.

30 – Everything Ourselves – Feminism, Collectivity, and Dance,

an interview with Lyn Neeley and Linda Rose of the Wallflower Order, by Olive McKeon.

34 – Mapping Lineage, conceived and collected by Tamara Ashley and Julie Nathanielsz.

36 – The Politics of Mutuality, a conversation with Steve Paxton at the kitchen table, with Nancy Stark Smith for CQ.

39 – Still Moving—Contact Improvisation shoptalk & dialogue – CI (embodied) interrogates its own history, by Karen Nelson.

44 – Essentials—Basic CI Principles & Practices – Teaching, Mindfulness, Presence, and (Contact) Improvisation, by Ishmael Houston-Jones.

45 – CI Newsletter—Contact Improvisation news & views

70 – Dance Map Directory—a dancer’s guide to resources worldwide

76 – Kyoko Hayashi, Hiroshima/Nagasaki Memorial Speech, excerpt of a talk given by Eiko Otake.

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