Contact Quarterly/Volume 34 #1

Contact Quarterly/Volume 34 #1


Publisher: Contact Editions (2009)
Paperback: 70 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 725-2-749531-28-4

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Focus: Contact Improvisation’s 36th Anniversary.

Contributors: Steve Paxton, Marjean McKenna, Paul Langland, Ulla Mäkinen/Amanda Abrams/Keith Hennessy, Eckhard Müller/Daniela Schwartz/Eszter Gál/Sue Lauther/Jörg Hassmann, Jörg Hassmann, Sara Alessi Zolbrod, Bunhead, Jordan Fuchs/Sarah Gamblin, Martin Hughes, Jeffrey S. Parker, Martin Keogh/Gabrielle Barnett.

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