Exerce, écrits chorégraphiques T.2 – A choreographic lesson for the faint of the heart and poets of the here the now the yet to come

AUTHOR : More Demer
PUBLISHER : Crossing Éditions (2022)
COLLECTION : exerce, écrits chorégraphiques ( ICI-CCN Montpellier, Master exerce )

SOFT COVER : 162 pages
LANGUAGE : English
ISBN13 : 978 2 957 96152 8

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« This is an archeological site of unwritten futures. A practice of tracing; connection, the space surrounding, what forms and happens there, what may come. This is my undoing.

It is about what is present in what I want, it is also the vibration of the absence that exists in what I want. The void of the plentiful potentials I desire. The research has its curves. By applying abstract reasoning to my life I learn through the action of doing, doing a lot. Our teachers come in many forms. Moving pace after pace into practice through process and the process of a process, reducing it all to arrive to the essence to the gold I am mining.

Within this archeological dig, I am uncovering and articulating my artistic process through my curiosity as a dance maker/choreographer. As a maker, I am spreading an eclectic rainbow built from all sorts of artistic influences, practices and encounters. The connections between the references can be condensed and scattered incidentally next to teach other. I see that this merging of eclecticism could be translated into any other artistic platform. Believing that what is nomadic can be productive, as we witness the process, its questions keep on moving.

Here, dancing practice becomes a written authorship. There is an assumption that as a dancer you become a choreographer, this is the written process of maturing within this field. In these lines of text, the eyes will move, exposing in real time while elaboration an uncertain and honest process. Taste yourself. Provoke your perceptions. Collapse into the moment.

We can activate within another dimension while reading. There is a reflexive state of mind that allows for the greater comprehension of the experience. We may re-visit old ideas, re-think new concepts, and take a bird’s-eye view of a creative process. From this position we can build a connection to our internal voice. This could be a sort of perception management but moreover it is the ability to observe what is already there and work through the sensations.

My aim is not to change the space, I intend to respond and shine light into corners seen and unseen. I will be master-baking this thesis with faith and alchemy.

Welcome. »

The collection « exerce, écrits chorégraphiques » gives the opportunity to read, see and practice the memoirs of former exerce students. Three first issues were published in June 2022, two others will be published in the Fall.