Gleaners and the Worms, or: Bookworms and the Worm-book

AUTHORS: edited by Émilie Gallier, Nina Boas & Nienke Terpsma
PUBLISHER: Emilie Gallier (2023)

FANZINE: 12 pages

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Glaneuses et Vers de Terre (Gleaners and the Worms) is a collection of artistic practices by choreographer Emilie Gallier, visual artist Nina Boas, and artist/editor Nienke Terpsma.

Glaneuses et Vers de Terre cultivates ways of being with landscape as we are absorbed within it rather than as a detached spectacle to observe. We look for verbs, gestures to sense our bodies in connection with soils and skies. Head down, butt up, we turn down to the lives out of our sight: the worms deep under, the birds beyond the horizon. Inclined, we grow bodies of roots and waterfalls that take up water and poor it back out, enabling complete cycles and processes of regeneration to take place.

…stay, stay. Cover our stones, bury our buildings, penetrate the cracks. Eat earth, plastic, plaster and facade. Enrich our soils. We will do nothing. For a change.