Handbook in Motion

AUTHOR: Simone Forti
PUBLISHER: The Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design  (1974)

SOFT COVER: 152 pages
ISBN13: 978-0-919-61603-5


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An Account of an Ongoing Personal Discourse and its manifestations in Dance. Simone Forti is a dancer who has always forged her own path. She arrived in New York in the early 60’s from California. She brought with her a series of pieces that proved to be of serious influence on the development of « post modern » dance and sculpture in years to come. Her « dance-constructions » were based on a concern with bodies in action, the movement not being stylized or presented for its visual line but rather as a physical fact. The artist traces the development of her work intuitively rather than chronologically, including narratives about a time of participation in the drug culture that sheds light on the changes in her dancing. The book includes drawings, « dance reports » (short descriptions of events whose movement made a deep impression on the author’s memory), and documentary materials such as scores, descriptions, and photographic records of performances.