Motion Bank: Starting Points & Aspirations

Editors: Célestine Hennermann, Scott deLahunta
Publisher: Motion Bank/the Forsythe Company (2013)

Paperback: 130 pages
Language: English/German
ISBN13: 978-3-00-044215-5

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Titre non disponible



While the main focus of this first phase of the Motion Bank/The Forsythe Company research project has been o the development and publication or resources to be shared freely over the Internet, we are delighted to invite you to explore part of that journey with us in texts and images. This book can be picked up and read from almost any point. The stories inside are clustered around the twin notions of Starting Points and Aspirations.

The book includes a wide range of reflections – coming from different times during the project – invited from the guest artists, score team, workshop leaders, researchers and associates. One of the questions each was invited to respond to related to the use of scores in their work.

This book does not try to be comprehensive in covering all the different perspectives and approaches engaged in these last four years. To go more deeply into the results of the project, we recommend visiting the resources and materials available online – in particular the new scores and documentation pages.