Papier incomestible

AUTHOR: Emilie Gallier
PUBLISHER: De Nieuwe Dansbibliotheek (2019)

PAPERBACK: 132 pages
ISBN13: 978 9 460 76432 5

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A reading performance –
Papier incomestible is a multi-modal text created in many steps. Its content draws on the performance Papier multiforme, Papier comestible (2018), where two worlds unfold simultaneously in a space divided by a large black paper. The audience of Papier multiforme, Papier comestible, receives a partial experience of the performance because it is impossible to see every part of it in one sight. But it is possible to see some magic, performed at a diner table, on one side of the black paper. And it is possible to see a reading performance, in an obscure library, on the other side of the black paper. Twelve books are given to the audience sitting in this obscure library. Twelve volumes of Papier comestible (2018): a fourteen-by -ten-centimer large book of loose pages, which is entirely edible. In 2020, Papier comestible returns to the mother ship: it returns to the book by entering the Niece Dansbibliotheek where it becomes Papier incomestible.