Skinner Releasing Technique – A Movement and Dance Practice

AUTHOR: Manny A. Emslie
PUBLISHER: Triarchy Press (2021)
SERIES: Movement and Somatics

PAPERBACK: 300 pages
ISBN13: 978-1-913743-29-1

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Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT), created by Joan Skinner, is a somatic movement, dance and creative practice with a core underlying principle of releasing blocked energy, held tension and habitual patterns in body mind. It enables us to move with greater freedom and ease whilst awakening creativity and spontaneity.
The 21 contributors to this book describe how SRT informs their own movement and/or dance practice and influences wider fields of practice including meditation, architecture, poetic listening, visual art, writing, technology and choreography. For them SRT is a transformative and lifelong practice that deepens connections with self, other, more than human life forms and with natural and urban landscapes.
This is a book for anyone drawn to explore body mind, somatic, movement and dance practices, and for those who are exploring ways of living in the world creatively, empathically and with more ease and natural grace.
Introduction – Manny Emslie, How to Disappear Completely – Sally Metcalf, A Non-Linear Approach To Being Alive – Stephanie Skura, Movement, Metaphysics and Imagination – Alex Crowe, Becoming the Dancing – Bettina Neuhaus
Beyond Technique – Polly Hudson, Attending to Details of Difference – Julie Nathanielsz, Manifesting Dance – Lizzy Le Quesne, Principles in Practice – Wilhemeena Isabella Monroe, Small Steps and Occasional Leaps – Julie Ludwick, Half Century of Releasing – Jodi Blackburn-Roehl, Listening into Clarity – Lily Kiara, Dancing Inside Out – Gaby Agis, A Journey towards Poetic Materiality – Sally E. Dean, All These Strings in One Hand – Meaghen Buckley, From a Ripple Comes a Wave – Julia Sasso, Adapting SRT for adults with learning disabilities – Sophie Alder
Mastery and Insignificance – Ruth Gibson, Dancing the World with An Ethical Compass – Manny Emslie, Landscape, Process, Being – Mary-Clare McKenna, Greek Tragedy Meets Skinner Releasing Technique – Lionel Popkin, My Time with Joan – Theresa Moriarty, Glossary ~ References