TRISHA BROWN: 1966-1979

TRISHA BROWN: 1966-1979


Director: Fredericka Hunter
Studio: ArtPix Notebooks (2005)

Runtime: 240 minutes/2 discs
Language: English
Format: DVD, NTSC, Region 0 (All)
ISBN13: 978 0 9668010 6 4

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Trisha Brown, one of the most acclaimed choreographers of contemporary dance, first came to notice in New York in the 1960s. Along with like-minded artists,Yvonne Rainer, Steve Paxton and Simone Forti, she pushed the limits of what was then considered appropriate movement for choreography, and changed modern dance forever. Founding her company in 1970, Brown developed her own choreography and style with her own unique ideas of movement. The first DVD of this two DVD set presents film and video footage by filmmakers, including Babette Mangolte, Carlotta Schoolman and Jonathan Demme, of eighteen of Brown’s major performances from 1966 to 1979. A companion DVD is a conversation between Trisha Brown and art historian, Klaus Kertess, in which Brown talks about her dance education, early years in New York, work with Judson Dance Theater and her fellow choreographers, as well as commenting on the creation of her own innovative dances. DVD One: Early Works 1966 –1979: Homemade, 1966. Man Walking Down the Side of a Building, 1970. Floor of the Forest, 1970 (excerpt). Leaning Duets, 1970 (excerpt). Walking on the Wall, 1971 (excerpt). Accumulation, 1971. Primary Accumulation, 1972. Group Primary Accumulation, 1973 (excerpt). Roof and Fire Piece, 1973. Structured Pieces II, 1974 (excerpt). Spiral, 1974. Locus, 1975. Structured Pieces III, 1975. Sololos, 1976. Line Up, 1976. Spanish Dance, 1976. Watermotor, 1978. Accumulation with Talking plus Watermotor, 1979. DVD Two: A Conversation with Trisha Brown and Klaus Kertess

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