The Conversation Book – Questions to open the portal into parallel lives

AUTHORS: Dmitry Paranyushkin & Diego Agulló

PUBLISHER: Circadian (2021)

PAPERBACK: 106 pages


ISBN13: 978-3-947516-16-2

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This book is comprised of 39 questions. Every question is not just to be answered, as in an interview, but, rather, to serve as a beginning of a conversation. Every conversation is an invitation to explore an alternative hypothetical version of reality, to experience things in a new way, to imagine a different version of yourself and of each other. We like to think of this book as a game, that’s why we made it so small, so you can carry it with you and make it appear in the most unexpected moments and places. Here is one of the ways of playing with it that we found interesting: 1. Find a partner and / or a moment. 2. Pick a question or choose randomly. 3. Ask the question. 4. Think of an answer and listen to the response. 5. Propose variations (what if…). 6. Let the alternative realities unfold. 7. What are the reasons behind the particular answers given? 8. Could the hypothesis become real and how? 9. Change roles. 10. Take the time to think and to be silent. 11. Take the time to not think and to imagine. 12. Let the discussion unfold. 13. Follow the threads and let go. 14. Find another question. 15. Reiterate.


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