Understanding Disability Studies and Performance Studies

Understanding Disability Studies and Performance Studies


Authors: Bruce Henderson, Noam Ostrander
Publisher: Routledge (2010)

Hardcover: 272 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-0-415-56553-0

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This collection brings together scholarship and creative writing that brings together two of the most innovative fields to emerge from critical and cultural studies in the past few decades: Disability studies and performance studies. It draws on writings about such media as live performance art, photography, silent film, dance, personal narrative and theatre, using such diverse perspectives and methods as queer theory, gender, feminist, and masculinity studies, dance studies, as well as providing first publication of creative writings by award-winning poets and playwrights.

Contributors: Ann Millett-Gallant, Telory Davies, Margaret M. Quinlan & Benjamin R. Bates, Sheila C. Moeschen, Kurt Lindemann, Julie Ann Scott, Deanna L. Fassett & Dana L. Morella, Brian Lobel, Linda M. Park-Fuller, John T. Warren, Cara Gabriel, Petra Kuppers, Kirsty Johnston, Carrie Sandahl, Jim Ferris.

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