Who Touched Me?

Authors: Fred Moten & Wu Tsang
Publisher: If I Can’t Dance,
I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution (2018)

Softcover: 64 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-94-92139-06-1

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Who Touched Me? is a compilation of research by Fred Moten and Wu Tsang, who together cohabit the roles of poet and performance artist. It traces the development of their sculptural performance Gravitational Feel, which was yet to be realized at the time the book went to print. This book introduces the reader to this work in its virtual state, while tracing Moten and Tsang’s lived experience of collaboration through a body of text composed of email correspondence, notes, poetry, fragments of essays, and transcriptions of earlier collaborative work. Together these entwined texts create a new socio-poetic form. To quote from the book’s pages: “The research/experiment is in how to sense entanglement.”