William Forsythe and the Practice of Choreography – It Starts from Any Point

William Forsythe and the Practice of Choreography – It Starts from Any Point


Author: Steven Spier
Publisher: Routledge (January 2011)

Paperback: 186 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-0-415-97823-1

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William Forsythe’s reinvigoration of classical ballet during his 20-year tenure at the Ballett Frankfurt saw him lauded as one of the greatest choreographers of the postwar era. His current work with The Forsythe Company has gone even further to challenge and investigate fundamental assumptions about choreography itself.

William Forsythe and the Practice of Choreography presents a diverse range of critical writings on his work, with illuminating analysis of his practice from an interdisciplinary perspective. The book also contains insightful working testaments from Forsythe’s collaborators, as well as a contribution from the choreographer himself.

With essays covering all aspects of Forsythe’s past and current work, readers are provided with an unparalleled view into the creative world of this visionary artist, as well as a comprehensive resource for students, scholars, and practitioners of ballet and contemporary dance today.

Contributors: Steven Spier, Roslyn Sulcas, Gerald Siegmund, Mark Franko, Senta Driver, Chris Salter, Freya Vass-Rhee, William Forsythe, Dana Caspersen, Heidi Gilpin.

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