A Choreographer’s Hanbook

Author: Jonathan Burrows
Publisher: Routledge (May 2010)

Paperback: 228 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-0-415-55530-2

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On choreography: « Choreography is a negotiation with the patterns your body is thinking. »

On rules: « Try breaking the rules on a need to break the rules basis. »

A Choreographer’s Handbook invites the reader to investigate how and why to make a dance performance. In an inspiring and unusually empowering sequence of stories, ideas and paradoxes, internationally renowned dancer, choreographer and teacher Jonathan Burrows explains how it’s possible to navigate a course through this complex process.

It is a stunning reflection on a personal practice and professional journey, and draws upon five years’ of workshop discussions, led by Burrows.

Burrows’ open and honest prose gives the reader access to a range of exercises, meditations, principles and ideas on choreography that allow artists and dance-makers to find their own aesthetic process.

It is a book for anyone interested in making performance, at whatever level and in whichever style.