Author: Adrian Heathfield
Publisher: Hirmer (2017)

Hardcover: 224 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-3-7774-2952-6

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En stock (peut être commandé)



Ally brings together three artist personalities who are all outstanding in their fields: the sculptor and photographer Janine Antoni and the dancers and choreographers Anna Halprin and Stephen Petronio. Together they created a series of works – sculptures and installations as well as film and performance artworks – which the volume reproduces in impressive photographs.

When invited to create a retrospective of her sculptural works, the artist Janine Antoni preferred to ask herself what her works would look like when interpreted by other artists and translated into movement. Together with the choreographers Anna Halprin and Stephen Petronio she created unique perfomance artworks whose main focus lies on corporeality. It reveals the enormous potential that lies in the combination of sculpture and dance. Critical essays by writers and art theorists accompany the encounter between artists from different generations and genres and show how they have created together a new pictorial language.

With contributions by A. Heathfield, H. Cixous, C. Becker, J. Baas, Richard Move.