Archaeologies of Presence – Art, Performance and the Persistence of Being

Authors: Gabriella Giannachi, Nick Kaye and Michael Shanks
Publisher: Routledge (2012)

Paperback: 286 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-0-415-55767-2

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Archaeologies of Presence is a brilliant exploration of how the performance of presence can be understood through the relationships between performance theory and archaeological thinking. Drawing together carefully commissioned contributions by leading international scholars and artists, this radical new work poses a number of essential questions:

* What are the principle signifiers of theatrical presence?

* How is presence achieved through theatrical performance?

* What makes a memory come alive and live again?

* How is presence connected with identity?

* Is presence synonymous with ‘being in the moment’?

* What is the nature of the ‘co-presence’ of audience and performer?

* Where does performance practice end and its documentation begin?