Sensing, Feeling, and Action, 3rd Edition

Author: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
Publisher: Contact Editions (2012, 3rd edition)

Paperback: 232 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-0-937645-14-7


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Pioneering movement educator Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s innovative approach to embodiment, movement analysis and reeducation, Body-Mind Centering®, is the subject of this book of collected essays, interviews, and exercises written for Contact Quarterly dance journal between 1980 and 2009. Drawing from both Western and Eastern scientific knowledge, BMC® is an experiential study of the body systems and the evolutionary developmental patterns that underlie human movement. Her unique viewpoint is made evident in twenty-one chapters addressing specific systems, including the organs, neuroendocrine system, fluids, developmental movement, reflexes, perceptual system, embryology, cellular, and autonomic nervous system.

Over the last thirty years, BMC has engaged the interest of a wide range of people involved in dance, performing arts, athletics, therapy, healthcare, child development, meditation, and other body/mind disciplines.

The 3rd edition includes sixteen additional pages with new articles on inspiration, expiration, and dancing through the transitional fluid, a subject Index and List of Explorations.