Beauty Kit – An eco-erogenous art project

Author: Isabel Burr Raty
Publisher: a.pass (2020)

Paperback: 58 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978 9 490 50007 8

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Titre non disponible



An experimental catalog summarizing Isabel Burr Raty’s research on conceptualizing and manufacturing eco-erogenous para-pharmaceutical products. It tells the story of the BKFF, a mobile farm where she and other females harvest their orgasmic juices to produce beauty bio-products, used for treatments in the BK Spa, critically discussed in the BK Focus Group and moving forward into becoming a village, where every-body harvests each other.

The catalog comes with contributing text, “Harvesting bodies – The Farm as Paradox” by Elle/Elke Van Campenhout.

Other contributors are Kristin Rogghe, Gosie Vervloessem, Pablo Diartinez and Tim Vets.