Body Voice Imagination: ImageWork Training and the Chekhov Technique

Body Voice Imagination: ImageWork Training and the Chekhov Technique


Author: David Zinder
Publisher: Routledge (2nd edition April 2009)

Hardcover: 320 pages
Language: English
ISBN13: 978-0-415-46198-6

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David Zinder Body Voice Imagination is written by one of the master teachers of the Michael Chekhov technique of acting training. This book is a comprehensive course of exercises devoted to the development of actors’ creative expressivity, comprising both pre-Chekhov ImageWork Training and seminal exercises of the Chekhov technique. It also details the way in which these techniques can be applied to performance through a discovery of the profound connections between the actor body, imagination and voice.
This new edition has been fully updated, with revisions and new material:
* Updated exercises, reflecting developments in David Zinder own ImageWork Training
* An detailed description, with exercises, of ImageWork connections to the Chekhov technique
* A new chapter, bridging the gap between training and performance
Body Voice Imagination develops both a comprehensive physical training system and an emphasis on practical character work. This authoritative programme of « pre-Chekhov » training is furnished with essential notes and advice from the author vast store of professional experience.

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