Bubble Score

Bubble Score


Author: edited by Lilia Mestre
Publisher: a.pass (2016)

Hardcover:  58 pages + 16 scores on loose paper
Language: English

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Bubble Score – The Relation between Performance and Writing is the third book of the ScoreScapes publications series. The book contains texts by a.pass researchers, collages as well as Scores for the Reader inserted at the back of the book.
This publication by the a.pass research centre was created for the Bubble Score practice proposed by associate program curator Lilia Mestre in Block I/2016.
Contributions: Isabel Blurr Raty, Elke Van Campenhout, Varinia Canto Vila, Sofia Caesar, Robin Amanda Creswell, Luiza Crosman, Esteban Donoso, Nicolas Galeazzi, Sana Ghobbeh, Christian Hansen, Brendan Michal Heshka, Mala Kline, Arianna Marcolini, Lilia Mestre, Lili M. Rampre, Aela Royer, Piere Rubio, Agnes Schneidewind.

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