Contact Quarterly – chapbook 3 summer/fall 2012 vol. 37 no. 2

Contact Quarterly – chapbook 3 summer/fall 2012 vol. 37 no. 2


Author: Nancy Topf, edited by Melinda Buckwalter
Publisher: Contact Editions (2012)
Paperback: 42 pages
Language: English

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An introduction to the practice of Topf Technique® and Dynamic Anatomy.
Excerpts from Topf’s unfinished manuscript.

3. Release—A History by Melinda Buckwalter
5. Faculty Report & Letter to Students by Marsha Paludan
7. Letter: Teaching New Ideas by Barbara Clark
9. Letter: The Writing Process by Barbara Clark
The Anatomy of Center by Nancy Topf
10. Introduction: A Dialogue Among Images
11. Lesson 1: First Voices
15. Lesson 2: Meeting Bones
18. In the Center
24. Lesson 3: The Journey of the Psoas
28. Lesson 4: Spine and Pelvis Meet
34. Keeping It Simple in Complex Times by Jen Harmon
36. Release—A Mystery by Melinda Buckwalter
40. The Body Is Round

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