Contact Quarterly – chapbook 4 summer/fall 2013 vol. 38 no. 2

Contact Quarterly – chapbook 4 summer/fall 2013 vol. 38 no. 2


Author: Susan Sgorbati with Emily Climer, Marie-Lynn Hass
Publisher: Contact Editions (2013)

Paperback: 64 pages
Language: English

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On the nature of spontaneous composition
where dance meets science

3. Preface by Lisa Nelson
5. Introduction by Susan Sgorbati
8. Emergent Improvisation Defined
11. A Meeting Between Dance and Science
14. Talking to Science: a conversation with Bruce Weber
20. Solo Practice:
Discovery of Movement Vocabulary
Attention to Spatial Environment
Focus on the Particular
Emergent Structures for the Solo Practice
26.Talking to Science: a conversation with Stuart Kauffman
33. Ensemble Practice:
Compositional Exercises
Compositional Tools
Emergent Structures
40. Talking to Science: a conversation with Gerald Edelman
44. Emergent Forms:
Complex Unison Form
Memory Form
Recall Form
Landscape Form
50. Reflections on the Practice and Performance of Emergent Improvisation by Katie Martin and Jake Meginsky
54. Language of EI
57. Sources

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