Contact Quarterly/Volume 43 #2

Publisher: Contact Editions (2018)
Paperback: 70 pages
Language: English
ISBN10: 744-709-531-2

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WELCOME TO CHOREOMUNDUS, curated by Melinda Buckwalter and Deborah Williams

6 Curator Notes

7 The Choreomundus International Master

Dance Knowledge, Practice, and Heritage, text from the Choreomundus website arranged, by Deborah Williams

9 Warrior Body/Open Heart – A Dance of Cheongsong’s Immigrant Wives, by María Peredo Guzmán

13 Embodied Research of the Invisible Regulations in the Gaga Community and in Its Movement System
About the Nature of a Semi-Inscribing Dance Practice, by Kinga Szemessy

17 Everyday Infinities – The Micro-Politics of Being Affected at the Wagah-Attari Border, by Urvi Vora

21 Reimagining, Reclaiming, and Continuity
Traditional Masquerade in Trinidadian Society, by Kim-Lee Campbell

25 The Black Dancing Body as a Measure of Culture
a performative lecture, by Brenda Dixon Gottschild

32 Rage, Walk, Rise, by Alexx Shilling with Alison D’Amato


34 Frictions and Illuminations, by Nancy Stark Smith

35 On CI Intersections
A Question from CQ, and a Round of Responses
by Keith Hennessy, Ann Cooper Albright, Geneviève Cron-Riger, Daniela Schwartz, Kent Alexander, Zach Arfa, Taja Will, Kathleen Rea, and mayfield brooks

40 Touch&Play – a bit of history and perspective, by Daniel Hayes

41 What Is a CI “Purist”?
a Facebook thread from the CI Facilitators Worldwide Network & Discussion Group, initiated by Colleen Bartley

62 Dance Map Directory—a dancer’s guide to resources worldwide

67 An Intimate Eye into the Edge
photographic essay, by Anna M. Maynard