Contact Quarterly/Volume 44 #1

Contact Quarterly/Volume 44 #1


Publisher: Contact Editions (2019)
Paperback: 78 pages
Language: English
ISBN10: 744-709-531-2


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3 Editor Notes – Haunting CQ / Melinda Buckwalter – Intersecting trailheads in CQ / Meredith Bove

4 Letters/Comments

6 Shelf Life—publications received

10 Transitions – Marsha Paludan (1941-2018)

by Marsha Paludan, Robin Gilmore, and Jacques van Eijden

15 NOTES FOR A LECTURE: Body as Archive – Regarding the Persistent Essential Friction of Gesture, Attention, and Memory, by Bebe Miller

20 Under Seeing – An Approach to Feeling and Sensing Performance. Experiencing works by the BodyCartography Project by Olive Bieringa, Margit Galanter, Justin Jones, Arwen Wilder, and Asher Edes

28 The Dance of Description – Evolution of a Form, by Christina Svane

32 Differences – Creating a Cultural Shift toward Embedded Access and Artistry plus: an excerpt from The Way You Look (at me) Tonight Accessibility Handbook, by Claire Cunningham, Jess Curtis, and Luke Pell

38 Commonalities & Distinctions – Body-Mind Centering® & Contact Improvisation

interview with Otto Ramstad by Grégory Chevalier

43 CI Newsletter—Contact Improvisation news & views

44 Essentials—Basic CI Principles & Practices – How to ParLAY the Dance, by mayfield brooks

46 Still Moving—Contact Improvisation shoptalk & dialogue

46 How the First Rule Brought #MeToo to Contact Improvisation, by Michele Beaulieux

50 #MeToo DISRUPTION at the 2018 West Coast Contact Improvisation Jam by Cookie Harrist

51 Comments on online CI articles

53 Thank You and Sorry – Framing Goodwill and Self-Awareness, by Amii LeGendre

72 Dance Map Directory—contemporary dance & improvisation resources worldwide

76 Composition – a comment from Steve Paxton

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