Contact Quarterly/Volume 45 #1

Publisher: Contact Editions (2020)
Paperback: 100 pages
Language: English
ISSN: 0198-9634

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3. CQ Trust

4. CQ Messages

6. Editor Notes

8. Contact Editions

10. Shelf life – publications received

12. Letters to CQ

16. Transitions

18. Thank you corner

20. Noise|Observation – Throughts from Direct Path to Detour, by Takahiro Yamamoto

24. A free consultation, by Simone Forti

26. So here you are, against all obstacles… A talk given at Culturegest in Lisbon 2019, by Steve Paxton

34. The future has always been black – A dancing-word manifesto, by Thomas F. DeFrantz/Slippage

40. As I project into your future, you sit in my past – A fictional double interview on the performance project You are here, by Llana Reynolds & Sabrina Huth

44. An image that’s alive – Conversation on the image worlds of Skinner Releasing Technique and Amerta Movement, with Sally E. Dean, Margit Galanter, Lily Kiara, and Julie Nathanielsz

51. Self and other, selfother – Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in Conversation with Many Stark Smith, for CQ

57. Bringing Somatics into human rights activism – Somatic accompaniment for relatives and victims of political violence, disappearance, and land displacement in Guerrero, Mexico, by Diana Lara, Dulce Trejo, and Marcela Ponce

61. Orienting beyond gravity – Training with Kits Dubois, by Toni Craig and Adam Dipert

66. Still Moving – Moving and Thinking with Fascia – Interview with Ray Chung on the intersections of fascia and Contact Improvisation training, by Kevin O’Connor

72. Essentials – Water Play – Change Gravity, by Petra Kuppers

73. CI Newsletter Online (Preview)

91. Dance Map Directory

94. Chrysantemum Square: Transmission Two – Another Rabbit Monologue, by Karinne Keithley Syers