Contact Quarterly/Volume 42 #2

Contact Quarterly/Volume 42 #2


Publisher: Contact Editions (2017)
Paperback: 78 pages
Language: English
ISBN10: 744-709-531-2

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4- Editor Notes – Present Tense, by Nancy Stark Smith and Lailye Weidman

5 – CQ FOLIO 2 – Contact/Dance Improvisation and philosophical thinking, curated by Romain Bigé, with Lisa Nelson. With photo essay by Mandoline Whittlesey

6- Curator’s Note: Philosophies in Movement, by Romain Bigé

7 – Thinking in Movement, by Maxine Sheets-Johnstone

13 – Philosophical Glimpses: Standing, by Steve Paxton, Elizabeth A. Behnke, and Daniel Lepkoff

14- The Eloquent Torso – Politics and Mobility of the Center, by Alice Godfroy

18 – Philosophical Glimpses: Being Lost, by Charlie Morrissey and Erwin Straus

19 – Mind-Fucking and Other Uncertainties, A dialogue between (philosopher) Romain Bigé & (dance improviser) Charlie Morrissey (and conversely)

23 – seeing is being touched is being changed is being seen is being moved, by Mandoline Whittlesey

24 – Philosophical Glimpses: -Scapes, by Erin Manning and Steve Paxton

25 – RIFF TALK-ing on Identity and Performance, with Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, Joy Mariama Smith, Sara Smith and Tara Aisha Willis; moderated by Cassie Peterson

30 – A Certain Kind of Knowing, Interview with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, by Nancy Stark Smith, for CQ

34 – Move When the Spirit Says Move, Contemplative Dance, Witness, and Embodied Testimony, by Christopher-Rasheem McMillan

40 – Michelle Ellsworth: Performance Engineer, essay, interview, and performance texts, by Nancy Wozny, Joanna Rotkin, and Michelle Ellsworth

40 – Ellsworth: State of Ecstatic Anxiety, by Nancy Wozny

44 – Interview with Michelle Ellsworth, by Joanna Rotkin

70 – Dance Map Directory – a dancer’s guide to resources worldwide

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