JERK – Through their tears

AUTHORS: Gisèle Vienne, Dennis Cooper & Peter Rehberg
PUBLISHER: Dis Voir (2011)

PAPERBACK: 64 pages + CD
ISBN13: 978-2-914563-63-5

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A collaborative artist’s book and audio recording which translates a previous collaborative theater work into a violent multimedia disquisition on puppetry, serial killing and homoeroticism. The play and book are based on the Texan serial killer Dean Corll.
Jerk – Through their Tears is a collective project by director Gisèle Vienne, author Dennis Cooper, musician Peter Rehberg and performer Jonathan Capdevielle. As in their theater works, it is a multi-faceted exploration of these artists’ combined interest in representing the emotional dissonance of confused, self-destructive, sensation seeking teenagers and the adults who romanticize their darkness, stylize their unhappiness, and take charge of their destruction.