La Pocha Nostra – A Handbook for the Rebel Artist in a Post-Democratic Society

AUTHOR: Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Saúl García-López, Paloma Martinez-Cruz
PUBLISHER: Routledge (2020)

SOFTCOVER: 288 pages
ISBN13: 978-0-367-33821-3

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La Pocha Nostra: A Handbook for the Rebel Artist in a Post-Democratic Society marks a transformation from its sister book, Exercises for Rebel Artists, into a pedagogical matrix suited for use as a performance handbook and conceptual tool for artists, activists, theorists, pedagogues, and trans-disciplinary border crossers of all stripes.
Featuring a newly reworked outline of La Pocha Nostra’s overall pedagogy, and how it has evolved in the time of Trump, cartel violence, and the politics of social media, this new handbook presents deeper explanations of the interdisciplinary pedagogical practices developed by the group that has been labeled « the most influential Latino/a performance troupe of the past ten years. »
Co-written by Guillermo Gómez-Peña in collaboration with La Pocha Nostra’s artistic co-director Saúl García-López and edited by Paloma Martinez-Cruz, this highly anticipated follow-up volume raises crucial questions in the new neo-nationalist era. Drawing on field experience from ten years of touring, the authors blend original methods with updated and revised exercises, providing new material for teachers, universities, radical artists, curators, producers, and students.