‘Lectric Eye

AUTHORS: Lauren Slone & Joanna Kotze
PUBLISHER: Joanna Kotze (2022)

SOFTCOVER: 164 pages

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This book contains two pieces of writing by Lauren Slone and Joanna Kotze.

The first is a series of snapshot observations ignored down from about 100 pages of notes Slone took over seven months in various studios and rehearsal periods with Kotze and her collaborators. Uninterested in generating a critique, review, or theoretical treatise, it is her attempt to describe the development of ‘Lectric Eye in « somme other ways. » As an observer of this process, Slone transposed Kotze’s performance and choreographic methods into her writing style.

The second was derived from a writing practice Kotze began in 2017 to force herself to use elements that guide her movement practice in language form. She gave herself a time limit, usually 15 minutes, and wrote words in streams of thoughts long-hand, without editing, and without stopping.

Photos by Maria Baranova & Chris Cameron