Motor Dance Journal – Issue 2: Duets and Dialogues

AUTHORS: Edited by Isabelle Bucklow & Hannah Woods
PUBLISHER: Motor dance journal (2023)

PAPERBACK: 160 pages
ISBN13: 977-2-755-30600-3

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Issue 2 considers the creative, personal, and social possibilities of dancing in relation to another. It features writing, conversations and artworks exploring themes including friendship, motherhood, creative partnerships, doubles, dance and place, translation and writing, and the relationship between dance and film.

The issue includes contributions from a diverse array of choreographers, writers, artists, curators, and poets including Yvonne Rainer, Joan Jonas, Eiko Otake, Lynne Tillman, Collier Schorr, Holly Blakey, Jimmy Robert, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Paul Maheke, Laurie Anderson, Susan Finlay, Beatrice Gibson, Florence Peake, Eve Stainton and many more.

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