Myths, Bodies and Disability Culture

Authors: Petra Kuppers, Sadie Wilcox, Nancy Higgins
Production: Olimpias (2008)

Runtime: 20 minutes
Language: English
Format: DVD, PAL
ISBN10: 782-7-700-22-9

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Tiresias, US 2007
This disability culture videopoem recasts a Greek myth about bodily change, time and difference. At the center of the work are touch and kinesthesia, and the question many disabled people face in social interaction: “What happened to you?”
This videopoem mixes elements of captioning and audio description into its aesthetic vocabulary, to create a piece that can work as an audio experience, a visual experience, or a mix of different sensory inputs. 

Coastal Mappings, NZ 2005
Videodancepoem created by members of cancer self-help groups in Dunedin, New Zealand, with Caroline Plummer Community Dance Fellow Petra Kuppers. Participants developed their dances from the oral histories and witnessing photographs Otago hospice clients created in the last months of their lives.